Lagniappe Homecare Alexandria, LLC.

improving quality of life

3130 Jackson Street Alexandria, Louisiana 71301 USA

(Alexandria 318-442-6435) & (Marksville 318-240-8057)


that extra measure of quality care you can expect from people you know and trust.

​Lagniappe Homecare Alexandria, LLC.

Central Management Company is passionate about its mission to Improve QualIty of lIfe. Beginning in 1962 with Autumn Leaves in Winnfield, we are a local company that has over fifty years of experience in long term care. Central Management continues to earn the respect of its peers in the medical community, as well as clients and their families.

We emphasize and value quality care and superior service in all our locations throughout the state. Our commitment to ImprovIng QualIty of lIfe is not a passing fad or empty slogan. It is found in every staff member, every day.

At Central Management Company we take our responsibility to be good stewards seriously and put our resources where our priorities are. We believe in continuous staff development and training, and adding cutting edge technology to provide the very best services to our customers. We believe our staff makes the difference. Our staffs are first in line to partner with state agencies and trusted vendors to test and evaluate new procedures and services and have served on many boards and committees throughout the state. Our supervisors and administrators expect more than mere technical compliance with governmental rules and regulations. They lead a team sensitive to the social and emotional needs of the patients. Consequently, our employees know more than their job – they know the importance of a kind word, a gentle touch, and the healing power of a smile. Our staff is passionate about ImprovIng QualIty of lIfe.